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Gray Retribution

Tom Gray is enjoying time with his family after the birth of his daughter, now three months old, and just wants an easy home life. However, trouble has a way of finding him. While he is visiting his uncle’s new grocery store, thugs arrive demanding protection money, and in the ensuing fight, Gray is hurt. As he recuperates, Gray learns that a team of friends is facing grave danger on a mission in a tiny war-torn African nation, where an evil warlord is kidnapping boy soldiers to do his work in his bid for supremacy. Gray sets off on a rescue mission, but with his attention now divided between two continents, events are spiraling out of control, and Gray must fight to save all that is dear to him.

In Gray Retribution, the fourth book of the popular, action-packed Tom Gray series, suspense builds to an unforgettable ending.

Editorial reviews:

‘Gray Retribution is an action thriller that has it all. A racing plot, malevolent villains, close calls, reversals, twists and turns aplenty. Fans of Mr. McDermott’s work will be delighted with this latest installment. A crackling good read!’ —Russell Blake, author of Jet

‘Alan McDermott weaves a suspense-filled story, an edge of your seat read’ —D.G. Torrens, author of Broken Wings

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Meet Alan McDermott

Alan McDermott

Alan McDermott is a software developer from the south of England, married with beautiful twin daughters. When he isn’t creating critical applications for the NHS, he is writing action thrillers.

His debut novel, Gray Justice, has been very well received and earned him membership of http://independentauthorsinternational.org. The next two books in the series – Gray Resurrection and Gray Redemption – were released in 2012, and book 4 will hit the shelves in July 2014.

Alan is currently working on his fifth title.

You can follow Alan on Twitter through his @Jambalian account.


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