The Great Wave and Celebrating 70 years….

Hokusai The Great Wave

On August 7th I celebrated my 70th birthday. What’s the connection with Hokusai’s ‘The Great Wave’?

Well, the great 19th Century Japanese artist believed that “at the age of 61 a person’s life cycle begins again.” And that’s just what he did. He produced ‘The Great Wave’ when well in his seventies and continued making these inspirational woodblock prints into his late eighties. The British Museum staged a wonderful exhibition of his work and, when I visited, it set me thinking.

Just about nine years ago, when I was 61 and still working as a university science professor, I began my own journey to a second life in becoming a full-time author. At 70, I’ve now completed and published six novels and have a seventh coming out later this year. So far, my books have been downloaded over 100,000 times. Like Hokusai, I really do believe that a new life can and should begin at 61. Or at some age close to that.

So, I’d like to thank everyone who has made (and continues to make) my second life journey so fulfilling. Thanks to the community of authors and its spirit of openness and willingness to give advice to new and established writers. Thanks to the readers for their interest in my stories and for those very welcome reviews. Thanks to my wife Liz and my family for their love and understanding. Though this is not so often said, thanks to Amazon for opening up the publishing business in a way that makes all this possible. And thanks to Hokusai for his inspiration.

Seb Kirby

Seb Kirby is the author of the James Blake Thriller series (TAKE NO MORE, REGRET NO MORE and FORGIVE NO MORE) and the Raymond Bridges sci fi thriller series (DOUBLE BIND). He says: "I've been an avid reader from an early age - my grandfather ran a mobile lending library in Birmingham and when it closed my parents inherited many of the books. From the first moment I was hooked. Now, as a full-time writer myself, it's my goal to add to the magic of the wonderful words and stories I discovered back then.

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